B2B Sales - Breakfast

In Person
July 4, 2024
Business Growth


If you sell in B2B then no doubt you’ll be facing many frustrations and challenges in 2024, many of which will be shared by fellow founders also running B2B businesses.

At this lunch you will:

  • Share knowledge and experiences
  • Make progress on how to tackle key sales challenges
  • Troubleshoot your own B2B sales challenges
  • Pick-up tried and tested suggestions, recommendations and actionable ideas

We will look to explore, but will not be limited to addressing:

  • Multi-channel marketing tips and techniques
  • Marketing to your pipeline
  • How to handle ghosting
  • Tools and technology helping you to be more effective
  • Effective, attention-grabbing ideas
  • Any other new things or ideas are you trying? (PR, events, podcasts, video etc.)

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