Building a personal brand to become a "gateway drug" for your business

October 10, 2023
Personal Growth


Join Ash Jones, Founder of Great Influence, in this digital session to discover how Founders and CEOs can use personal branding to become a "gateway drug" for their businesses. Learn how this approach can help you make a significant impact on new business, hiring, raising investment, and more.

Ash will guide you through the essential steps to building a powerful personal brand that drives success for your business.

What You'll Learn:

  • Why personal branding is crucial in today's world of LinkedIn
  • How to effectively leverage the "gateway drug" concept to drive business opportunities
  • Real-world examples of the gateway drug concept in action, including Steven Bartlett's success story
  • The 7 essential steps to becoming a gateway drug for your business through personal branding

Meet the speaker:

Ash Jones is the Founder of Personal Branding agency Great Influence.

Great Influence has helped to build the personal brands of some of the most influential business leaders of the last few years.

His journey in personal branding started with Steven Bartlett, CEO of Social Chain, where he was part of the founding team. Steven has gone on to create the country’s #1 podcast 'Diary Of A CEO', the Sunday Times bestselling book 'Happy Sexy Millionaire' and become the youngest Dragon on BBC One's Dragons Den.

He has since gone onto become the Founder at Great Influence where their client base includes names such as Gary Neville, John Amaechi, Matthew Syed alongside Founders at brands like Huel, Grenade, Myprotein + Pretty Little Thing, and C-Suite/VP’s at global corporations like, Frasers Group + Zalando.

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