Data Protection 101: What every founder needs to know

April 5, 2023
Business Growth


The world of data protection can at times be confusing, with a sea of complicated "guidance", data security questionnaires, and far too many abbreviations like GDPR, DPIA, PECR, CCPA, DSAR, it can be hard to decipher it all!

The outcome? Questions, lots of them. “How do we know if we're actually data protection compliant? How do we monetise data compliantly? Where do we scale compliantly?”

In this digital session, Trust Keith, the data protection solution for scale-ups, will be on hand to provide the latest data protection insights and answer all of your data protection questions.

Meet the speaker:

Tom Gell, is the Lead DPO overseeing the data compliance for Trust Keith's customers. He brings years of data expertise with him which he regularly shares through blog posts, live events and podcasts.

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