Developing your Executive Presence: The key to success and influence

In Person
September 7, 2023
Business Growth


Executive presence may seem elusive at first glance, but its impact is undeniable. You can recognize it when someone enters a room and effortlessly commands attention without uttering a word.

At this breakfast event, hosted by Rick Snyder, we will demystify executive presence and arm you with tangible tools, practical tips, and actionable practices that you can implement immediately to enhance your influence with your team, buyers, investors, and customers.

What You'll Walk Away With:

  • Enhance your leadership and speaking skills to drive results and influence others effectively.
  • Master the art of reading body language and nonverbal cues accurately, enabling you to "read the room" and respond with precision.
  • Empower your team by helping them identify gaps in their own executive presence and support their development.
  • Discover the embodiment and mindset practices that will empower your optimal leadership abilities, enabling you to drive productive change, influence key stakeholders, and achieve outstanding results.

Meet the speaker:

Rick Snyder has been speaking at Helm/Supper Club since 2015. He is the CEO of Invisible Edge, an international consulting firm that coaches and scales businesses through developing high performing leaders and teams. In addition, he is the author of Decisive Intuition and the co-founder of the podcast He has started four businesses of his own and combines that experience with 20+ years of studying human behaviour to help leaders create cultures that value people and results.

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