Dinner with Hugh Griffiths: Turning £300 into £28M in 15 years Debt-free!

In Person
November 23, 2023
Business Growth


Join us for an intriguing dinner with Hugh Griffiths, the visionary behind Inzpire, who embarked on his remarkable journey with just £300 and ultimately sold the company for £28 million to a multinational FTSE 250 enterprise 15 years later.

Discover how this extraordinary feat was accomplished, all without incurring any debt, while consistently maintaining profitability, earning two Queen's Awards, along with a decade-long presence in the Sunday Times/Best Companies Top 100 list of the best workplaces in the UK.

Over dinner, you will hear from Hugh on:

  • His Fascinating Life Journey: Gain insight into Hugh's captivating life story, from his upbringing on a tea plantation in India to his transformative military experiences that ignited his entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Scaling and Growing Inzpire: Discover the strategic phases that Inzpire underwent and how Hugh adeptly managed the financial aspects to ensure the company's growth and success.
  • Overcoming Entrepreneurial Challenges: Learn how to effectively navigate obstacles, such as resolving conflicts between co-founders, handling heavy workloads, and triumphing over competitors in the marketplace.
  • Valuable Insights and Lessons Learned: Explore Hugh's reflections on his entrepreneurial journey, including insights on building a thriving company culture, the conduct expected of a CEO, the nuances of bonus structures, recruitment strategies, and more.
  • The Trade Sale Experience: Gain valuable insights into the trade sale process, including the lessons learned from both successful and unsuccessful sale attempts.

Meet the Speaker:

Hugh Griffiths, a former military aviator, holds an MBA with distinction from Warwick Business School. He founded Inzpire Ltd, a leading UK defense company, and served as its CEO before selling it to a FTSE 250 company.

He is a Chartered Director, Chartered Manager, and a Fellow of various prestigious institutions, with numerous accolades, including recognition in the "Director of the Year Awards" and "Entrepreneur of the Year" awards.

Inzpire, which he co-founded with just £300, has consistently ranked among the Top 100 Companies to work for in the UK for a decade (and recently in the Top 5), received two Queen's Awards for Innovation, and now boasts an annual turnover of approximately £40 million with around 340 staff.

Outside of work, Hugh has diverse interests, including Asian cookery, history, languages, international travel, countryside exploration, and staying informed about modern Physics developments. He was also a founder investor in a US-based blockchain business, that was subsequently sold to a Norwegian public entity. Finally, is an active seed/early-stage investor and NED in companies spanning sports, climate change, defence, and e-learning.

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