Dinner with John Stapleton, Co-founder of New Covent Garden Soup Co

In Person
February 23, 2023
Business Growth


Join us for an intimate dinner with fellow Helm member and entrepreneur extraordinaire, John Stapleton. John will share his amazing founder journey from growing up on a farm in the West of Ireland, representing Ireland in the triple jump, to building two hugely successful businesses, The New Covent Garden Soup Co. and Little Dish.

John will touch on the following:

  • His Founder's journey
  • The importance of being authentic and learning from failure
  • Tips and advice on knowing when/how to step back
  • How to successfully navigate your business through a recession

There will be plenty of opportunities to ask John any questions throughout the dinner.  

About John Stapleton:

John Stapleton is an entrepreneur, speaker, investor, adviser and mentor. In 1987 he co-founded the New Covent Garden Soup Co Ltd., which pioneered and grew the fresh soup category in the UK. On reaching over £20m revenue, Daniels PLC bought New Covent Garden Soup Co in 1998. In 2005, John co-founded Little Dish, which supplies healthy, natural and convenient meals and snacks to children over one year old. Having grown to approx. £15m annual revenues, John sold Little Dish in 2017.

John now actively manages an investor/Non-Executive Director portfolio contributing value-added business growth advice, guidance and mentoring to business owners.

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