Empowering Diversity and Inclusion: How to Build a Thriving Workplace

In Person
September 26, 2023
Better Growth


During this digital session session hosted by James Adeleke, CEO of Generation Success, an award-winning social enterprise, we will discuss the significance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace, the challenges and benefits, and how it can help organisations to be more innovative, productive, and successful.

The session will cover the following:

  • Understanding the Core Importance of Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace
  • Tackling Industry Inequalities: Addressing systemic biases and inequalities in the corporate world
  • How we can better help promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace: Showcasing successful case studies and initiatives from Generation Success
  • Recognizing the challenges and barriers to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace: Identifying common barriers hindering diversity efforts
  • Practical steps to foster a more equitable culture within your organisation and beyond
  • Importance of equality in daily life

Meet the speaker:

James Adeleke is the CEO and Founder of Generation Success, an award-winning social enterprise that works with 70+ employers in the UK and the Republic of Ireland to tackle the social inequalities in society and connect diverse talent to careers.

His impressive credentials include being named EY's Foundation Accelerate Entrepreneur of the Year 2021 and receiving the Entrepreneur of Excellence Award at the National Diversity Awards 2022. James has spoken in esteemed institutions like Parliament and City Hall on social mobility, diversity, and employability, and he serves on various boards and steering committees that contribute to education and social mobility.

You can find out more about the amazing work GS does including how you can get involved here

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