EOS Lunch: A Journey to Vision, Traction, and Healthy Leadership

In Person
February 27, 2024
Business Growth

Are you leveraging the Entrepreneur Operating System (EOS) to its full potential, or are you curious to learn more about its transformative capabilities?

Whether you're well-versed in EOS principles or just beginning to explore its benefits, our upcoming event is tailored just for you.


Join us for an insightful lunch hosted by Adrian Lomas and Amanda Nurse, delving into EOS, a comprehensive system equipped with simple tools to achieve three crucial goals: Vision, Traction, and Healthy Leadership. As the saying goes, "as goes your leadership team, so goes the rest of your organisation."

Learn how EOS can propel your organisation forward by aligning your leaders, enhancing discipline and accountability, and fostering a healthy, cohesive leadership team.

Discussion Points:

  • Vision - Aligning Leadership for Organisational Clarity:Learn how to unite your leadership team, ensuring everyone is on the same page regarding your organisation's direction and the roadmap to success.
  • Traction - Executing with Discipline and Accountability:Dive into the Traction component of EOS, focusing on enhancing discipline and accountability within your leadership team. Explore strategies for effective execution to realise every facet of your Vision.
  • Healthy - Building a Functional and Cohesive Leadership Team: Explore the significance of a healthy, functional, and cohesive leadership team in driving organisational success. Uncover insights on how EOS can help transform your team dynamics.

What You'll Gain:

  • Practical Insights from Experienced Implementers: Gain firsthand insights from experts and learn from real-world experiences and practical strategies for effective EOS implementation.
  • Form Valuable Connections: Ask questions, share challenges, and receive personalised advice to guide you on your EOS journey.

Meet the Speakers:

Adrian Lomas, has been a member of the Helm community for over 10 years. He implemented EOS in his digital Agency Blueleaf, when he realised he was about to go bust. He needed a better structure to run the agency with more accountability. Over the following 6 years he grew back out and successfully sold the agency for a healthy sum in 2019. Now he's passionate about helping senior leadership teams to implement EOS purely.

Amanda Nurse, is a fellow Helm member and founder of Carterwood. Before Traction, Amanda's company faced organisational challenges, including ambiguity in roles, objectives, and priorities. With business growth, unstructured meetings consumed valuable time, and the absence of a clear Accountability Chart led to confusion. Traction brought order, providing a shared vision, a defined Accountability Chart, and streamlined meetings. This structure proved crucial during the COVID-19 pandemic, serving as a stabilising force and guiding the business through turbulent times.

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