EOS Self Implementer Session

In Person
February 2, 2023
Business Growth


Are you self implementing EOS® in your business? Do you have any burning EOS® issues that you want to get solved but don't know where to start?

During this 2-hour interactive, in-person session, you will get the opportunity to have any issues or challenges answered by not one but two Certified EOS® Implementers (and also Helm members) Jason Green and Sid Jashnani. They will use a problem-solving process called IDS, which stands for 'identify, discuss and solve issues' to help you conquer your challenges like a pro.

During this session you will:

  • Identifying your issues by creating an issues list
  • Discuss them as a group
  • Solve them, so they don’t crop up again

The aim will be to get as many of your issues solved as possible, so come primed with any questions be it on Accountability Charts, Rocks or the L10 Meeting agenda etc..

Meet the facilitators

Jason Green

With over 20 years of experience being an entrepreneur and now a certified EOS implementer, Jason Green has firsthand experience of the benefits of running a business using a growth framework and the challenges of running one without it. His passion and mission is to help entrepreneurs get a better life for themselves, by helping them and their leadership teams get better at three things: clarify vision, build traction and reinforce healthy functional teams.

Sid Jashnani

Sid Jashnani is a Certified EOS® Implementer and has more than 17 years experience in the technology industry. He is the former CEO of a regional IT system integration company, Momentum, which he scaled from 2 people to 65 before exiting the business.

Sid has facilitated hundreds of sessions globally with leadership teams of small and medium sized businesses. Previously, Sid ran his company on EOS® and has this unique perspective of both an EOS user and an EOS implementer. He believes this 360-degree view gives him a unique understanding and vantage point of what leadership teams are experiencing as they move through their EOS journey.

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