Exiting for a Premium: Marrying Data & Storytelling for M&A Success

In Person
February 22, 2024
Business Growth


Join us for an evening of discussions on data and professional story telling to give you an insight as to how to both maximise and realise the value of your business. Over an intimate dinner, you will get to hear from Matthew Katz, a highly successful M&A professional, who has helped more than fifty founder led businesses find a successful exit. His team’s current track record is successfully exiting 20 of the last 22 businesses they have been engaged to sell.

During dinner you'll hear from Matthew on:

  • Data: What is the most useful data in an M&A context
  • Story telling: The importance of story telling, and what makes a good story
  • Combining both Data & Story telling: How data becomes essential in the story telling
  • Other advice to help maximise value

As always, there will be plenty of opportunities to ask any questions during the dinner.

Meet the Speaker:

Leading the session will be Matthew Katz, Head of Corporate Finance, Buzzacott, which advises entrepreneurial businesses in the £5m to £100m transactional value range.

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