Harnessing the 'No Excuses' Framework for Effective Leadership and Scaling

March 19, 2024
Business Growth


Join James Johnson, Founder of The Peer Effect, in this digital session to discover how founders and CEOs use his “No Excuses” framework to build effective management teams and culture. Learn how this approach is the secret to making things happen as you scale.

What You’ll Learn:
• How to use the “No Excuses” framework as operating system for whole organisation and management team to make things happen.
• Why behaviour is more important than performance. But need both.
• How to avoid your management team feeling like a blocker to action or control as you scale.
• The 3 steps to implementing this system effectively

Meet the Speaker:
James Johnson is a founder coach who set up The Peer Effect.His coaching generally and the “No Excuses” system specifically has been used to drive success across multiple industries and countries over the last 10 years. This is the first time he has shared it outside his client base.

James used to be an award winning founder before becoming a qualified coach. He now works with fast growth founders who are backed by names like Sequioa, Techstars, Cavalry and more, as well as bootstrapped dynamos.

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