How AI is transforming the way businesses operate

June 7, 2023
Business Growth


We are excited to announce a new series of events dedicated to everything AI. Our first session will be diving into the incredible ways AI is transforming the way businesses operate.

Join us for this enlightening digital session, led by AI experts and Helm members Henry Smith and Alex Allan.

The session will cover the following:

  • The explosion in new technologies, tools, and products this year and what this means for transforming how we all do business
  • Understanding the extent to which AI can affect traditional office departments or undermine entire products and services
  • Delving into real-life examples on streamlining businesses processes, how you can improve product and service quality, optimise customer experience, and enhance decision making with AI

Meet the speakers:

Henry Smith

Coming from a technology and engineering background in the quant finance space, over the last 3 years Henry has bootstrapped his own AI software company to design and build innovative AI systems. Sentium has a track record of success building bespoke data and AI software to solve challenging pain points across the pharma, real estate, finance and recruitment sectors, and funds its own active AI research team. Recently Henry has co-founded a new product business, Avalon, with the aim of developing ChatGPT-like AIs to power truly autonomous entities.

Alex Allan

Alex has been specialising in AI since way back in 2006, finishing his AI PhD in 2012. For the last 7 years, he has been co-founder of Kortical, an AI Software as a Service platform and consultancy, whose clients include the likes of Deloitte, Santander, Hyundai and Charlotte Tilbury.

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