How to Build a Game-Changing Talent Strategy

June 15, 2023
Business Growth


Talent is a word bandied around a lot, but what does it actually mean and how can a growing, ambitious company have a strategy to develop it? How does it complement and help you to achieve your Business Plan? How do we do that in a growing economy short of skilled candidates?

In this digital webinar, fellow Helm members Ally Maughan and Mark Eaton from People Puzzles will talk through the practical steps to help you build a game-changing talent plan.

The session will cover the following:

  • Understanding Growing Pains
  • What is Talent?
  • Why do we need a Strategy for it?
  • The A, B & C Players Model
  • What do we do with our A Players once we have found them?
  • What could a good strategy look like?
  • The importance of a good rewards and recognition plan

Meet the speakers:

Ally Maughan founded People Puzzles in 2010 because early in her career she recognised that people problems were often the biggest, single factor holding a company back from growth. With a background in operations then consulting, Ally has worked with more than 100 SME and mid-tier companies. Each one of them unique yet facing common challenges; needing support with structure, leadership, growth or other people-related pain points.

Ally is passionate about businesses being profitable, effective and good places to work: often a trio that work in harmony

Mark Eaton

Mark has had a successful career serving as a PLC Director for an Insurance and employee benefit company before starting a business in the same industry. He has worked with some of the largest UK companies creating winning reward and engagement strategies for their HR departments. He believes fundamentally if you build your people, you build your business.

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