How to navigate the seas of cultural diversity as a Founder

June 28, 2023
Better Growth


Cultural sensitivity is an essential management tool in international commerce and is your main defence against business disaster.

By understanding the importance of cultural bridging and applying this vital hard skill in both the domestic and international arena, you can steer your way through the potential storms of cultural misalignment.

This digital session led by Rob Shimwell, Director of Training at Dialogue Language Services International will cover the following:

  • 5 cultural hacks to boost effectiveness across your international teams and collaborators.
  • The element of culture, etiquette and generalisations that impact most on mutual cooperation.
  • How to be aware of and avoid the pitfalls of poor communication with international partners

Meet the speaker:

Rob Shimwell is Director of Training at Dialogue Language Services International. He worked for 9 months in France and has been training languages and culture in the commercial sector for over 30 years. Rob has worked on the international stage with CEOs and company chauffeurs, nuns and Generals, footballers and politicians. He likes to think that cultural awareness is a little bit more than ‘it’s what they do over there’. He also appreciates the Britishness of understatement.

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