Leading through crisis: Lessons from the British Army

January 17, 2023
Personal Growth


Leadership is not about the heroic exception, but the habitual practice of doing what is right, difficult, and necessary every single day to build a team, look after the people in it and work towards the next objective.

During this digital session, Lt Col (Retd.) Langley Sharp MBE, former head of the Centre for Army Leadership, which has codified what leadership means in the British Army and how to develop leaders at every rank, will explore questions that are fundamental to leadership in any area of life – how to build trust and cohesion, achieve a balance between control and delegation, and deliver results in times of crisis.

Langley will blend his own experience with the latest research in military history, business, and academia. He will distil the essence of leading and leadership from one of the world’s most highly regarded institutions: The British Army.

Topics that will be covered:

Values and service
Serve to lead

Mission Command - nurturing freedom and responsibility
Culture and identity
Risk and decision-making

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