Lunch with Carlos Clark, Founder of Rodericks Dental

In Person
February 21, 2024
Business Growth


Are you currently in the midst of an exit, have recently completed one, or are intentionally stepping back from the day-to-day operations of your business, pondering what comes next?

Join us for an exclusive lunch hosted by Evelyn Partners, featuring insights from Helm member Carlos Clark. Being a seasoned entrepreneur in the dental sector, Carlos played a pivotal role in growing Rodericks Dental Partners and achieving successful exits. With vast experience in acquisitions and business development, Carlos will share insights from his journey and discuss how it is to do it all again with his latest venture in the dental sector.

What to Expect:

  1. Expert Financial Guidance: Nick Travis from Evelyn will share insights into structuring long-term financial plans, focusing on personal financial affairs for business owners preparing for growth and exit.
  2. Strategic Planning for Long Term Success: Explore critical aspects, such as planning tax-efficient exits, managing financials for the rest of your life, financing a new venture and exploring new sectors.

Meet the Speakers:

Carlos Clark: Carlos, a dentist since 1991, became a partner in his first practice in 1993. After selling it to Oasis Dental Care in 2003, he joined four partners in building Rodericks Dental Partners. With the new Dental Contract in 2006, the company experienced significant growth, going from 4 to over 50 practices by 2014, all greenfield sites. As Business Development Director, Carlos played a crucial role in the success, managing NHS contracts.

The company's expansion continued with a successful exit, partially selling to Close Brothers Private Equity in 2017 when it had over 75 sites. Another growth phase led to a subsequent sale to Ven Cap in 2022, doubling its size to over 150 sites, marking Carlos's full exit. Throughout, he maintained his passion for dentistry, worked as a dentist and postgraduate trainer, and now brings over 33 years of experience to a new dental business.

Nick Travis: Head of Entrepreneurs at Evelyn Partners, Nick assists a broad range of clients in structuring long-term financial plans and discretionary portfolios. He works closely with tax and financial planning professionals to ensure all elements of a client’s wealth are considered.

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