Property Meetup - Breakfast

In Person
April 26, 2023
Business Growth


Calling all members in the property sector!

We are hosting this breakfast specifically for those members whose main business is property or who have sold a business and are now looking to invest in the property sector as a venue generator, as well as those wanting to de-risk in their current business.  

This is a great opportunity to meet other founders in the same area of business, or those with similar interests with the aim to learn and share your knowledge and any challenges.

This breakfast will look to explore, but will not be limited to addressing:

  • What is current state of the property market and outlook for 2023
  • What funding options are available for those in property?
  • Where/what should you be buying right now?  Areas, land or existing property?
  • Where do people find good contractors to take on the work?
  • What return are people seeing at the moment?
  • What is the future for the market?

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