Sales Secrets: The Sales Skills Everyone in your Business Should Know

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November 21, 2023
Business Growth


Does everyone in your business understand their contribution towards revenue generation and profit protection, and have they ever been trained in the most basic fundamentals of selling? Would everyone in your business know how to spot an opportunity, how to engage them, qualify them or what to do next?

In this skills intensive workshop, Nicola Cook will share some of the fundamental professional sales skills that she has taught to thousands of people, across every possible sector, over the past 20 years.

Nicola’s simple sales structure and techniques will enable you to empower your people and embed into your business the ethos that ‘sales is a culture – not a department’, ensuring everyone is equipped with the skill set to drive sales growth.

What to Expect:

  • Using your own Value Proposition example to understand the influences in your buyer’s decision making, (taking into account differing types of buyers and different sales channels) and how to embed this company wide
  • Clarity around your barriers to entry and the on-going communication, reporting and use of internal language to describe prospects, opportunities and customers
  • A simple 5 step process for managing the buyer’s customer journey that should be shared with everyone in your organisation
  • A clear framework and tool to embed in your culture that ensures you deeply qualify customer’s need, and create a fundamental template that allows your teams to develop deeper connections with your prospects, adding momentum to the sale and most importantly allowing them to prioritise profit first

Workshop Outcomes:

  • Document your core Steps of the Sale that fit your sales channels and associated buyer behaviour
  • Develop the templates necessary that can be used company wide to ensure that everyone understands that ‘sales is not a department – it’s a culture’
  • Discover the metrics necessary to measure the effectiveness of the ongoing sales activity within your organisation, making a direct correlation between pipeline and future revenue generation
  • Get inspiration on how to build a sales growth culture, so that everyone takes responsibility for the customer and for the sales results of the company.

Meet the Speaker:

Nicola Cook is the owner of Company Shortcuts, a sales acceleration agency that specialises in helping scale-up business leaders, and their teams, create accelerated growth and scalability in their Sales Engine. She has also published two business bestsellers that have been translated into 11 languages and in her spare time Nicola writes women’s fiction under the pseudonym Isabella Wiles.

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