Strategic Growth Unleashed: Finance for Founders Workshop with Ben Mekie

In Person
March 21, 2024
Business Growth


Unlock the secrets to company growth and increased valuation with Ben Mekie in this exclusive finance workshop for founders. Learn what 90% of your competitors do not know.

During an intimate 3-hours workshop you will discover the power of process-based businesses and learn why efficiency and productivity trump size. Ben will dive into the financial infrastructure of the world's best businesses and help you identify the key steps to elevate your company along the curve.

This Workshop will cover:

  • Best Practices in Company Growth: Explore proven strategies for fostering business growth.
  • The Value of Process-Based Businesses: Understand why process-driven approaches contribute to higher company valuations.
  • Efficiency Over Size: Learn why the most successful businesses prioritise efficiency, productivity and profitability.
  • Financial Infrastructure Insights: Gain a detailed understanding of the financial foundations of leading businesses worldwide.
  • Prioritising Business Improvements: Identify key areas for improvement and efficiency in your business.
  • Basic Business Planning: Learn how to create a foundational business plan focused on desired outcomes.

Key Takeaways:

  • FID and FIBR Tools: Assess your business against industry benchmarks and competitors.
  • FIRE Worksheet: Implement practices followed by top-performing global businesses.
  • Short Cut Business Plan: Develop a streamlined business plan that can evolve into a comprehensive strategy.

Meet the Expert:

Ben Mekie founded Acuity Associates in 2007 and has since developed The Acuity Method™ based on his white paper, “The 5D FD”. He is also a successful CFO in his own right, having joined Firstsource as their 5th employee in 2000, he became European CFO and played an integral role in growing the business to 13,000 employees in 6 years before floating on the Mumbai Stock Exchange.

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