The delicate art of achieving co-founder alignment

February 1, 2023
Business Growth


According to Harvard Business School professor Noam Wasserman, 65% of high potential founder-led firms fail due to conflict among co-founders.  In the hustle to launch and grow a business, co-founder alignment is often neglected, and yet it is central to running and scaling a successful business. This is even more critical when your co-founder is a spouse or family member!

But what exactly is alignment and how do you achieve it?

In this interactive digital session, Founder Team Coach Kate King will guide you through identifying the key alignment challenges for your founder team, and how to address them.

With over 16 years’ experience of helping founders get aligned, Kate will share the pitfalls to watch out for. She will also take you through her Founder Alignment Audit to highlight the potential areas of focus for your founder team.

Whether you come to the session alone or with your co-founder(s), you will leave with:

  • An assessment of your alignment
  • A clear sense of the critical conversations you need to be having now to ensure the future success of your business
  • A plan for addressing these

Meet the speaker:

Kate King is a Founder Coach and results mentor, and Director of The Transformation Catalysts, providing high impact transformation for entrepreneurs to fast-track individual, team and business growth.

With over 16 years practice working with founder-led businesses in multiple industries, Kate is also on the Executive Coaching faculty at London Business School, coaching leaders on Leading Change and Leading Businesses into the Future.

Kate has a passion for helping Founders and CEOs of purpose driven businesses develop the leadership they need for growth and exit.  

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