The Founder's Guide: How to Create An Exceptional Talent Pipeline

April 30, 2024
Business Growth


To build anything exceptional, you need exceptional people; yet so often, other things appear more urgent and important. But, forget about your pipeline for too long and you'll soon be surrounded by a B-Team, unable to step up as you scale. Make sure this doesn't happen to you.

Join us for an interactive session with Duncan Piper-Blake, for a deep-dive into how to build exceptional teams!

In this session, you'll:

  • learn how you, as Founder, make or break your own talent pipeline;
  • consider what action you can take today to help your senior leaders step up;
  • explore short-term and medium-term strategies to transform the calibre of your people at all levels or your organisation;
  • consider how you can attract the most effective future work-force;
  • learn how to balance performance and wellbeing;
  • Q&A.

Meet the Expert:

Duncan Piper-Blake was the founding CEO of Dyson’s new engineering university – their largest ever investment into talent development. He helps some of the most ambitious organisations in the UK unlock the potential of their teams through executive coaching, leadership development workshops and talent transformation strategy.

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