The highs and lows of running a family business - lunch

In Person
July 1, 2022
Personal Growth


Whether you’re working alongside siblings or other family members, or you’ve been passed the baton and are now heading up the family firm, you will know that the dynamics, responsibilities and pressure that come with it are unique.

Over lunch, you'll meet with a group of likeminded founders who are all running a family business. There will be an opportunity to share stories, raise any challenges and tackle key issues. It’s also a chance to leave with new contacts and friends in the Club.

At this lunch we will explore and share:

  • The first-hand experiences of people running family businesses
  • How to deal with conflicts, when it’s your own family
  • How and when to bring in external expert support
  • The particular challenges that come with selling a family business
  • Intergenerational conflicts and how to handle the transition from one generation to the next
  • The benefits to working in/for a family business

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