The importance of digital creativity to drive customer engagement

December 6, 2022
Business Growth


Digital media is one of the most important marketing channel available to brands to help them grow their businesses cost-effectively. However, advances in technology and the rise of new media platforms continues to disrupt this space.

This digital session hosted by Helm member Marcus Harding, founder of deviceful will help you understand the value of these new media opportunities and the importance of developing creative concepts and designs that will engage with these online consumers.

This session will cover:

  • Overview of the current digital marketing landscape
  • The importance of aligning your media buying and creative strategies
  • New and emerging digital media channels that brands are harnessing to grow their businesses.
  • Different types of Ad formats and creative solutions
  • The importance of digital creativity for driving engagement and branding.


Marcus Harding is the founder and owner of a digital creative agency called deviceful. He has worked in marketing and advertising for over 20 years and he currently advises brands like KPMG, AA and BBC on how to develop unified creative and media strategies to help them grow their businesses online.


Short presentation by Marcus followed by Q&A.

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