The Rise of Hybrid: Dinner with Olly Olsen, Founder of The Office Group

In Person
June 13, 2024
Business Growth


Join us for an exclusive dinner with Olly Olsen, founder of TOG, the coworking giant that has redefined workspaces across London, the UK, and Germany. This dinner presents a prime opportunity to explore current work trends, the evolving landscape of office spaces, and the future of work in a post-pandemic world.

During Dinner we'll discuss:

Building Organisational Culture:

  • Discussing methods for building and maintaining a strong organisational culture with remote and hybrid teams.
  • Exploring the role of leadership in nurturing a cohesive company culture in a dispersed workforce.

Return to the Office vs. Employee Preferences:

  • Debating the merits of returning to traditional office spaces versus prioritising employee preferences for remote or flexible work arrangements.
  • Balancing organisational needs with employee satisfaction and productivity.

Generational Shift and Employment Practices:

  • Addressing the challenges and opportunities presented by the generational shift in the workforce, particularly with Gen Z employees.
  • Adapting employment practices to align with the expectations and preferences of younger generations accustomed to the post-COVID work environment.

Meet our Guest:

Olly co-founded TOG in 2003 having previously worked in traditional real estate and the serviced office world. He has always focused on design, making sure each workspace is different and individual. It’s hugely important to him that they respond to the architecture, location and context of each building; They figured if they did that, then each location would belong to the people who use them rather than them, and generate a real sense of ownership and community.

So, they want to create beautifully designed buildings and progressive memberships, making the spaces (and contracts) flexible to allow businesses to thrive. Today, they have over 50 buildings across the UK and Germany (with more being built right now) and over 20,000 members.

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