Unveiling Global Growth Strategies - The Do's, The Don'ts, and The Must-Haves!

In Person
November 28, 2023
Business Growth


As the UK economy navigates through increasing pressures and turbulence, the allure of international expansion has never been more compelling. The prospect is undoubtedly promising, but it also presents challenges that, if not addressed correctly, could lead to economic pitfalls.

Join us for an enlightening evening with Ed Dixon, a seasoned Helm member who spearheads the UK arm of Seamless, a company dedicated to supporting organizations in their quest to explore, enter, and thrive in markets like India and Southeast Asia.

In a world where the international landscape is everchanging and, with groundbreaking developments constantly unfolding, this dinner offers a golden opportunity to tap into the insights of an industry veteran and ensure success when venturing outside of the UK borders.

Over Dinner you'll hear from Ed on the following:

  • Demystifying the India-UK Free Trade Agreement – What's at stake, and why does it matter?
  • Exploring the Digital Free Trade Agreement and the Transpacific Continental Trade Partnership.
  • Strategies for accessing global talent and building effective overseas teams.
  • Choosing the right international market for your business.
  • Navigating the do's and don'ts when venturing into Asian markets.
  • Unpacking the tax incentives and challenges associated with international expansion.

As always, there will be plenty of opportunities to ask Ed any questions.

Meet The Speaker:

Ed Dixon runs the UK arm of a business called Seamless, supporting organisations as they seek to explore expansion into India, Asia, and beyond. Ed first started working in India in 1997, setting up a business for a UK based insurer and has worked with India and other parts of the world ever since.

Ed ran the Sannam S4 Group (to which Seamless belongs) in India for a number of years before establishing the UK/European Seamless business. The Group now has businesses in UK, India, Singapore, USA, Vietnam, Malaysia and Australia. Over the years Ed and Seamless have supported a wide variety of businesses and international nonprofits working across India and Asia (including several Helm members!).

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