Workshop: Amplify Your Presence and Elevate Your Communication Impact

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February 14, 2024
Business Growth


When we are on our feet addressing an audience, we have the opportunity to AMPLIFY the impact and effectiveness of our communication.

Whether pitching to a client for new business, to an investor for funding, marketing the business at an industry event or simply when looking to engage your team in your vision for the business, being on our feet is where we should be having the greatest impact.

It’s not just about ensuring your message is understood. It’s about ensuring your message impacts your audience to drive the necessary action. The credibility of your message, your product and your business depends on it.

In this interactive workshop you will gain an insight into how the most effective leaders create impact and gravitas. This participative 2-hour event will give you a first-hand experience of how Energy Alchemy takes good presenters...and makes them OUTSTANDING.

During this focussed session, you will:

  • Learn from what the most inspiring presenters do differently and do well
  • Discover how to catch the audience’s attention and keep it
  • Enhance your personal impact and ability to deliver a memorable message
  • Understand what sort of image you project and why
  • Become more comfortable and relaxed in impromptu and high pressure speaking situations
  • See yourself the way others see you, and get some direct and personal feedback
  • Experience the value of positive reinforcement and coaching

This session is designed for founders looking to build their confidence and effectiveness when addressing an audience on their feet, whether they be internal or external audiences.

If you are eager to raise the bar in your own business, then join us for this challenging and eye-opening session.

Meet the speaker:

Mark Sharratt is a much sought-after keynote speaker, consultant and executive coach. He helps companies navigate uncertainty by building resilience and unlocking the potential of their people to harness opportunities for growth. He specialises in working with high-growth entrepreneurs and innovative business leaders to help them improve their capabilities, team effectiveness, business performance and growth.

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