Workshop: Finding your 'Why' and learning how to communicate it

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July 5, 2023
Better Growth


The concept of 'finding your why' became popular with Simon Sinek's book and Ted Talk: 'Start with Why' where he equates a sense of 'why' with one's personal fulfilment, clarity and life meaning.

In this workshop, fellow Helm member and founder of Higginson Strategy, John Higginson, will talk through the importance of finding (or re-discovering) your 'why' and how to communicate it effectively.

In this three hour workshop you will:

  • Reconnect back to your ‘why’ so you stop selling product and start talking about how they are making the world a better place.
  • Learn to use your personal story to talk about why you have created the company and what it stands for
  • Learn how to deliver key messages which resonate profoundly with your audience using your 'why'
  • Create a plan for embedding purpose in your organisation and communicating that plan through your company and externally
  • Learn tactical tools for reaching target audiences including: thought leadership, speaker engagements, interview technique, news making and newsjacking

Meet the speaker:

John Higginson spent 15 years as a journalists in the UK, US and South Africa before moving into corporate communications more than a decade ago. He advises corporations, charities and government bodies. His PR agency Higginson Strategy delivers media success for purpose-led organisations.

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