Workshop: The 12 Golden Rules of Negotiation

In Person
October 4, 2023
Business Growth


In this in-person, interactive workshop David McClements, international speaker, trainer and author will run through his “12 Golden Rules of Negotiation”.  He'll demystify negotiation and provide practical, immediately usable, tools and perspectives which can make a huge impact straight away.

The aim of the workshop will be for you to leave feeling more comfortable and confident about being in negotiation situations and knowing not just how to survive but thrive in them.

The workshop will cover:

  • What negotiation is and crucially what it is not.
  • What the mindset of negotiation is
  • What the skillsets of negotiation is. How to prepare, how to have the conversation.
  • Understanding how your own style can affect your negotiations

Meet the facilitator

David McClements is an international speaker, trainer and author who has literally circumnavigated the globe helping businesses succeed in the areas of Sales, Negotiation, Account Management and People Management.

David has hosted several highly successful negotiation workshops with us over the years and has many of our members as his clients. Having started his own career in Procter and Gamble in sales, he moved on to consulting work before creating his own business and so truly understands what it is like to be an entrepreneur and the trials and tribulations which come with it.

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