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June 11, 2024
Personal Growth


Have you spent too long sacrificing your health to build your wealth?

Do you feel the natural decline of your energy, cognitive function, strength and fitness as you age?

Have you had inadequate experiences with personal trainers, exercise classes and gym routines before?

Do you know you need to make positive changes, but don't know where to start?

Let the expert team at the Executive Athlete Club get you back to your prime!

Join us for an insightful and interactive morning workshop which will provide you not just with the information, but more importantly ALL the action you need to take to create the outcome you want with a PERSONALISED strategy and plan for a BETTER life.

Our Top 5 Takeaways from the Day include:

  • How to Live Longer and BETTER with our unique EAC formula of exercise, nutrition & hydration, recovery, emotional wellbeing and connection.
  • How to Understand and Action ways that help you get back to your PRIME with less stress to live longer and more energy to live BETTER.
  • How to Feel Your Best when exercising and moving your body in a positive way with safe, effective and enjoyable programming.
  • How to Interpret Your Own Personalised Data to run your body like you run your business and create the future you deserve!
  • How to Keep Going in the Right Direction with a follow up complimentary 1-1 launch session at the Executive Athlete Club HQ to create your health, fitness and wellbeing longevity strategy.

All Learned Before Lunchtime in an easy, relaxed environment!

- 8am Optional Inbody scan and Nutritious Breakfast

- 9am Inbody Interpretation and Analysis

- 9.30am Our Executive Athlete Club Pyramid Approach

- 10.00am The Executive Athlete Club Way Explained

- 10.10am A Fireside Conversation with Warren Davies (Current Helm member)

- 10.40am Q&A

- 11.00am Movement & Mobility Session

- 12.00pm Follow up and Finish

The EAC Team Are:

Jordan Stinson who leads by best example. Over the past ten years he has transformed the lives of hundreds of businessmen and women, bringing them from feeling exhausted, low energy, stressed and uninspired to a whole new way of living in a much more motivated, healthier way all while reaching their business goals and financial targets.

Russell Stinson - having built many London based firms from the ground up. Russell believes in longevity. He brings a wealth of business experience to the EAC, strong leadership and data information systems. He understands the importance in recording & measuring key data points, allowing you to read your body like you can read your business.

(The EAC) has been a magical influence on my whole life. (It) showed me just how amazing life can be – Eamon, (52), Business Owner

My fitness levels have gone through the roof. I’m a whole new better person – Brendan, (57), Company Director

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