19 years of supporting founders

Where it all began

I founded The Supper Club in 2003 as a members' club with a difference. I found there was no place for founders to have open, honest and practical conversations without being sold to.

We started by creating opportunities for founders to connect over dinner (hence the name) to share experience and practical advice to help each other achieve their goals. Much has changed since the early days, but the principles and ethos remain.

Now we have continued our own journey to become Helm. To reflect that your journey as a founder is unique to you, with your own individual destination you are navigating towards; your Northstar.

Our Story

The Give and Get Ethos

Crowdsource the answers

Our members support each other by openly sharing their experiences and learnings. They help each other to save time, grow and avoid often costly mistakes.

Discretion guaranteed

What’s discussed at Helm stays at Helm. We operate under the Chatham House Rule at events, with absolute confidentiality within your Forum.

A peer group that gets it

Growing a business can be tough and there is no handbook. Helm is a way to meet others who know what it feels like every day.

Business Growth

Are you ready to take your business to the next stage of growth?

Tap into the experience, not opinions, of founders who've solved the challenges you're facing today.

Meet like-minded founders who understand your experience
Share business challenges with fellow founders who can help
Get introduced to people and businesses who can help your business grow

Better Growth

Our members are innovative and impactful.

Access inspiration and ideas on how to build a business that delivers on people, planet and profit.

Learn about B Corp, Founders Pledge and other accreditations
Share ideas on how to give back to the wider economy
Hear from inspirational speakers shaping the next economy

Personal Growth

Develop better health, wealth and legacy.

Join rich conversations with our community on topics to help you improve as an individual.

Learn from others on balancing life as a founder
Share personal challenges and learn how others overcome them
Realise your full potential in your business and personal life

Meet the team

Ollie Lingwood-Craddock


Jane Wells

Head of Client Services

Penny Penati

Head of Operations

Kirsty Joanes

Events Manager

Tahnee Knowles

Community Manager

Jessica Cullimore

Growth Lead

Georgios Kapodistrias

Events and Community Executive

Sam Lewis

Founder Associate

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