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Success stories

Olly Richards

"The Helm Forum has been a real education for me. I’ve always grown my business in an “online bubble”, but now I’m in the company of experienced founders from different backgrounds and with entirely different skillsets. This supports me through many growth-related challenges, from mindset and wellbeing, to investing, to creating management incentive schemes."

Julie Bishop
IT Naturally Ltd

"Joining Helm has given me a chance, as a new founder, to talk to like-minded people and learn from them. Helm has helped me get on the journey to becoming a BCorp, with advice from those who are already BCorps introducing me to a company guiding us through the process.  The support and inspiration from my fellow members is so helpful, I’m so pleased I was advised to join Helm.”

Rob Hamilton
The Instant Group/littleparmoor

“I’m happy sharing my experiences of a Warranty Claim after selling to Private Equity and particularly trying to help those exiting from avoiding this in future or at least reducing the damage if it happens to them!  I also like being involved in the Supper Club Investment club - trying to help earlier stage founders develop their businesses and raise money from exited founders too.”

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So what happens when I join?
Interview with the Helm team

Speak to the Helm team to help us understand you, your challenges and to make sure you're a fit for Helm.

If successful, we work to get you involved straight away – booking onto events and discussing the right Forum for you.

Connect at our in-person events

Experience the rich conversations and connections at our in-person events. Connect with others at a similar stage and be inspired by those further along their journey.

All in intimate private dining rooms to give you the best experience in the company of 10 other founders.

Crowdsource advice

Ask ‘that’ question to the Helm community of over 400 founders who get it. Connect with the right founder to hear their experience and take action; saving you time or helping you be inspired faster than before.

Learn from an expert in digital events

Join our expert led digital events that are focused on subject specific learning in a way that uses your time efficiently. Members enjoy the way they can join discussions with the expert and other founders from their desk or home.

Join your Forum

Within three months you'll join your Forum. Chaired by an experienced Helm member, the Forum meets 10 times a year and includes six to eight founders. Forums develop deep relationships and allow members to get challenge, accountability and inspiration from a group acting like a non-exec board and a group of critical friends.

Give back to other founders

Have you stepped back from your business? Our later stage members gain a huge amount of personal value and development from mentoring founders earlier on their journey and we'll speak to you about this as an opportunity.

So what is a Forum?

Within 3 months of joining Helm you'll be placed into a chaired Forum peer group.

Who will be in my Forum?
We aim for a diverse mix of business size and industry in each group to allow for ideas and inspiration from a range of founders.

Who is the Chair?
Your group will be chaired by a Helm member further along on their founder journey, usually exited (sometimes multiple times), with NED experience.

What do I get out of it?
Think of Forum as a ready-made board of NEDs at your disposal, ready to challenge you, keep you accountable and provide inspiration when you need it most.

Most Forum groups become life-long friends as they ride the waves of their founder journey.

Members per forum
Meetings per year
Retreat per year

Meet some of our Forum Chairs

Cecile Reinaud

Founder of Seraphine sold to Private Equity. Now an advisor, investor & non-exec in several not for profits.

Nick Thistleton

Founder of Lucky Voice karaoke business. Now an executive coach & active B Leader in B Corp movement.

Rob Hamilton

Founder of The Instant Group sold to Private Equity. Now active angel investor including Grubby, Frameworks & Revvies.

Richard Coombes

Executive business coach working with founders of fast growth SMEs & large corporate clients.

Jane Gomez

Previous Managing Director of Helm with incredible knowledge of scaling to exit to help members grow their business faster.

Mark Colquohon

Founder of Solar Communications sold to Private Equity. Now active angel investor & advisor working with scaling businesses.

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