B2B Lunch: Overcoming Challenges in the Digital Era

In Person
May 16, 2024
Business Growth


Calling all B2B founders!

Are you ready to tackle the evolving landscape of digital customer engagement and overcome challenges in your go-to-market and marketing strategies?

Over a relaxing lunch, you'll have the opportunity to share your experiences, gain valuable insights, and connect with other Helm members who run companies similar to yours!

Key Insights to Explore:

  • Adapting Go-to-Market Strategies: Explore effective strategies to align your go-to-market approach with digital trends such as personalised digital marketing and the integration of e-commerce and online sales channels. Learn how to keep your business competitive and relevant in today's dynamic market landscape.
  • Navigating Marketing Challenges: Explore innovative marketing approaches and tactics tailored to the digital landscape, from leveraging social media platforms to optimising digital advertising strategies for maximum impact.
  • Overcoming Digital Engagement Hurdles: Learn how to overcome common hurdles in digital customer engagement, including GDPR compliance, data privacy concerns, and ensuring a seamless omnichannel experience for your target audience.

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