Commercial Real Estate Lunch

In Person
June 12, 2024
Business Growth


Join us for an exclusive lunch tailored for founders operating or investing within the commercial real estate sector. This event offers a unique opportunity for industry peers to come together, share insights, and address common challenges faced in the field.

Topics may include:

  • Navigating market fluctuations: Discussing strategies to effectively navigate unpredictable market dynamics, such as changing interest rates, economic conditions, and supply-demand fluctuations.
  • Exploring innovative investment avenues: Delving into emerging investment opportunities within the commercial and industrial real estate sector, such as Proptech, co-working spaces, mixed-use developments, and sustainable real estate projects.
  • Adapting to evolving industry trends: Analysing current and future trends shaping the commercial real estate landscape, including the impact of technology, retail and office transformations, ESG considerations, and regulatory developments.

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