Female Founders' Lunch with Fiona Hudson-Kelly

In Person
June 14, 2024
Business Growth


Indulge in an exclusive lunch with Fiona Hudson-Kelly, a cherished member of our Helm community.

Bringing together our female founders, this intimate event promises insights aplenty as Fiona shares her extraordinary journey from a commercial apprentice to the founder of multi-million-pound enterprises.

But that's not all—Fiona's post-exit life is equally fascinating! After selling her company, Fiona embarked on a unique adventure, taking a year off to travel the world. Along the way, she made a difference by volunteering and supporting charities in remote locations.

About Fiona's Entrepreneurial Journey: Fiona's story began with a mission to empower working mothers to re-enter the workforce. Despite facing challenges, including the collapse of her business during the MG Rover crisis, Fiona's determination remained unshakeable. She bounced back, founding successful ventures like Silver Linings and Smart Assessor, earning recognition as one of the UK's Top 50 fastest-growing technology companies.

What You'll Gain:

  • Inspiration: Hear Fiona's firsthand account of overcoming adversity and transforming setbacks into opportunities, reigniting your entrepreneurial spirit. Learn what she has been up to over the last year travelling the world.
  • Insights: Learn Fiona's secrets for growing and selling companies for millions, drawing from her personal journey of resilience and success.
  • Expert Guidance: Tap into Fiona's expertise in technology and entrepreneurship as she offers invaluable advice on navigating challenges and seizing opportunities.
  • Networking: Connect with like-minded female founders and entrepreneurs, exchange ideas, and forge meaningful connections to propel your business forward.

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