How I built a £300m+ business: Dinner with Graham Hobson

In Person
May 15, 2024
Business Growth


I made a thousand decisions that got me to the finishing line and any of them could have gone wrong. But I had a certain determination, and a lack of acceptance of failure. If there was a code red situation, I would go for a walk and then say, ‘ok, what do I do next?’.’

Graham Hobson

Join us for an intimate roundtable with Graham Hobson who founded Photobox, the online photo printing company, in 2000, while he was working as an investment banking technologist.

He successfully exited the company to private equity for over £300m in 2016 and has explored several different career paths since.

Graham will be sharing the ups and downs of the tumultuous ride to making Photobox a success, touching on imposter syndrome, knowing when the right time is to exit, life after exit, and what's next for him.

About Graham Hobson:

Graham is a technologist who founded Photobox in 2000, surviving the early years to become Europe’s largest personalisation company. They acquired several companies along the way including Moonpig. The group eventually sold to private equity in 2016 and Moonpig IPOed in 2021. Graham now advises on growth and entrepreneurship, and works pro-bono in the areas of social & wealth inequality, climate change and under-represented founders.

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