Workshop: Building a Sales & Marketing Machine - What a Business Leader Needs to Know

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June 18, 2024
Business Growth


Are you:

  • underwhelmed with the results that your marketing achieves?
  • unconvinced of the key drivers to having an effective marketing function?
  • hesitant of the relationship between sales, marketing, social media & brand, and how it all pieces together to positively grow your business?

In this interactive workshop led by Grant Leboff, we will demystify marketing!

Business Leaders will understand exactly how to build an effective marketing operation, how it pieces together, and when executed well, how all parts contribute to business success.

In this session we will explore:

• the difference between marketing and sales, and the capability they should give the organisation

• how to utilise websites, social media, and digital platforms and where they fit in the marketing mix

• the importance of brand and how it should be utilised to bring results

• lead generation activity and how that forms part of the marketing machine

• the balance between long term and short-term communication and why it matters

• why segmentation and targeting is the foundation of any effective strategy

Meet our Special Guest:

Grant Leboff, a prominent figure in sales and marketing, is renowned for his bestselling publications and long career as a founder and a NED. His fourth book, 'Digital Selling,' topped Amazon's charts before its September 2016 release, building on the success of his previous works. In 2014, 'Stickier Marketing' secured the #1 position in Amazon's Sales & Marketing Chart and reached the top 10 on the overall Business Chart upon its launch. His earlier books, 'Sales Therapy' (2007) and 'Sticky Marketing' (2011), were also Amazon bestsellers. Grant Leboff's fifth book, 'The Myths of Marketing,' published in 2020, further solidified his reputation as a prolific author in the field.

Apart from his literary achievements, he founded a direct marketing company in 2002 and successfully sold it, currently serving as a Non-Executive Director with a diverse business portfolio. Leboff's venture, Sticky Marketing Club® Ltd., is a prominent sales and marketing consultancy, empowering companies with strategies to excel in an increasingly competitive business environment.

Through his Sales and Marketing portal,, he offers a wealth of insights and information on effective sales and marketing strategies in an ever-evolving business landscape.

Highly sought after as a consultant, mentor, and speaker, Grant Leboff shares his expertise at conferences worldwide. He is a prolific contributor to esteemed business publications and has been featured in prominent media outlets such as the Daily Telegraph, The Independent, The Financial Times, The Daily Mirror, The Sun, and has made appearances on BBC Radio and various US radio networks.

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