Helm members take Pride in supporting diversity and inclusion

June 30, 2022
Better Growth

Nothing marks the arrival of summer like a full calendar of fun outdoor events. This year we’ve finally been able to welcome back Glastonbury (tick) and the strawberries and blazers are once again packing out Wimbledon’s Centre Court. And last night we celebrated the return of the Helm Summer Social. There’s even been a (probably temporary) revival in the England cricket. But June is also the season of the rainbow (and that’s not a snarky comment on British summer weather). In the UK, Pride month this year is especially significant as the celebration of the LGBTQIA community marks the 50th anniversary of the first Pride march in the UK in 1972.

Here at Helm, we’re delighted to celebrate and stand by members of our always-supportive community who have been doing their bit for Pride this month.

One of the cutest offerings has to be that from member Harriet Hastings, whose company, Biscuiteers, has launched Ginger Pride, a delightful gingerbread man with rainbow t-shirt and love heart shades. Best of all, 10% of all sales were donated to the Kaleidoscope Trust.

On a more industrial scale, First Mile Recycling hit London’s streets this month with two of its trucks newly decked out in rainbow branding. First Mile CEO and founder, Bruce Bratley, says: “Pride is an excellent opportunity for us all to celebrate and champion loving our planet and everyone who lives on it. As a company, we’re proud to be a Stonewall Diversity Champion, supporting inclusion for all, and excited to be able to communicate this message via our rainbow recycling trucks and by marching as a company at Pride.”

Meanwhile, technology and talent consultancy Talmix was one of many businesses taking Pride seriously enough to change its logo to incorporate the rainbow motif during June. It also ran a photo campaign through which it hopes to allow its global team to “showcase what makes them proud to be part of the Talmix team”. And it also held internal sessions on LGBTQIA inclusion in the workplace.

And was a similar story at Hertfordshire-based telecoms company Red squid, which gathered its team together for a new series of breakfast meetings, with the first one themed around the issue of LGBTQIA inclusion in honour of Pride.


For those looking for more inspiration around LGBTQIA, the Helm team has produced a list of list of things we’ve been tuned into this month.


One to read The Pink Line

From trans women in Russia to activities in Egypt, this book tells the stories of individuals and communities across the world, to show “how LGBTQ+ rights became one of the world's new human rights frontiers in the second decade of the twenty-first century”. Powerful stories, well told.


One to watch A Secret Love

A documentary about former all-American girls Professional Baseball League player, Terry Donahue, who kept her lesbian relationship a secret for almost seven decades.


One to attend Pride in London

2nd July, London

Expect a major turnout at the London Pride parade, as the city comes together to celebrate love in all its forms. It’s even more significant this year, as it marks 50 years since Pride first took place in the UK. An opportunity to reflect on what’s been achieved, but also to acknowledge the challenges that still face the LGBTQIA + community.


One to follow Aesop

Aesop cleared the store of products to make way for significant works of literature detailing the experiences of LGBTQIA+ communities. A great way to amplify queer voices and stories. 


The Pride in London parade takes place on 2 July. To misquote a famous London brewery’s advertising, whatever you do, do it with Pride.


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