A CEO's Blueprint for 60% More Growth: Embracing Consumer Centricity

In Person
September 5, 2024
Business Growth


During an in-person workshop led by fellow Helm member, Guy White, you will find out how to fall in love with consumer insight to supercharge your business to deliver successful products, grow your brands and win market share.

Did you know that over half of new products fail in market regardless of the industry*. And a whopping 33% of marketing budgets are wasted*?

The reason? Almost always it is a lack of consumer-centricity. Money is invested behind an idea not a need. Communication is built without a true understanding of consumer motivations to buy.

It's a fact that consumer-centric businesses drive 60% more growth*. But knowing what consumer-centricity is and how to effectively apply it to your business is full of pitfalls. What consumers say they want and what they actually want are often totally different. Surveys and focus groups are deeply flawed. But other methods of consumer data access are hard to do or even to know about.

(*Data sources: Ehrenberg-Bass Institute, MCKinsey, Deloitte, IPA)

Meet the Expert:

With over 12 years of experience as the CEO and founder of Catalyx, Guy White lead's a global team of insights, innovation, and marketing professionals who help clients build brands and grow businesses.

Guy has successfully partnered with some of the world's leading companies, such as P&G, Nestlé, Unilever, SCJohnson, Haleon, Pepsi, Coca Cola and Mars to help them build and grow innovation success all around the world. At last count Guy and his team at Catalyx have helped their client create over $1billion of value – supporting the acceleration of products such as the Gillette Razors, Nescafé coffee, Organix Baby Food, Cadbury’s Crème Eggs, Old El Paso Mexican Food, Graco Baby Seats, Flash Bathroom Cleaner, Yankee Candle, Oreo Cookies, Somersby Cider and hundreds more.

Catalyx has received many awards including the MRS Insight Management Award, the MRS Best New Agency Award and the Quirks Best Innovation and Method Award.

Guy lives in Canterbury, UK with his wife and 2 children.

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