Membership Agreement

Welcome to Helm Club! By joining Helm, members are agreeing to the terms of the membership agreement and will support and uphold the values of the club.

​Helm Club Member Values

Our members are committed to the following values:

  • Give and Get: Members join Helm with the intention of both giving and receiving. Members support their peers and the wider community through sharing experience and learnings, and gain valuable insights from other members and our special guests.
  • Confidentiality: Members agree to the Chatham House Rule during events, and maintain complete confidentiality for Forums.
  • No Sales Ethos: Members agree not to use the Club to pitch and promote their business services or products, either on our virtual platform or at events or pushing promotional campaigns via outreach or on social media. Members join the Club to benefit from others’ experience, and whilst business does happen, this should happen organically, and it is not the primary reason for joining.
  • Support: Helm is a safe and inclusive space for open discussion and sharing.  Members support one another and ensure that all are welcome and included.

Helm Club Membership Agreement

By using Helm services, Helm members agree to the terms below, which are available on the website and may be updated by Helm periodically.  

  1. Membership fees:
  • In joining, members agree to pay an initial joining fee and then a monthly subscription, paid by direct debit.  
  • Members agree to pay for anything that falls outside of their membership, such as retreats (Forum retreat, ski trip), and other events that are clearly not included in the events-inclusive membership.

  1. Event Attendance:
  • Members on Helm Unlimited tier may join a Forum, where they can offer and receive confidential business advice from a regular meeting of peer business founders.  Forum members commit to regular monthly attendance so as to both offer sound advice and receive insight from fellow forum members.
  • Forum members agree their monthly meeting dates for the year in advance and commit to attending so as to give and receive advice from their group.  It is important that a Forum session is never missed except in a rare event of a serious emergency as this means that other members miss out on the value of your contribution. Missing Forum sessions may result in the member’s space being offered to another Club member. In the rare event they are unable to attend a meeting, members agree to inform the Forum Chair whenever possible.
  • Members may also attend special events, and details of these and sign-up forms can be found on our network platform.
  • Helm events are curated high-value, exclusive events with special guests in special venues. Non-attendance of a booked event means that another member may miss out on a unique opportunity. in the event that a member is unable to attend an event, members agree to contact the Helm Club team giving as much notice as possible, and more than 72 hours’ notice wherever possible. Members agree to support Helm staff in finding a replacement for the event.
  • If an emergency should happen, members agree to reach out to the network and offer their place to other Helm Club members, and inform the Helm team.
  • Members agree to be be mindful of the availability and quantity of events they are booking, and support fair usage.
  • All members have read and accepted the full Bookings and Cancellations policy here.

  1. Photos and feedback:
  • Helm Club takes photos at in-person events, and members agree that any photos taken of themselves may be used for marketing purposes, such as on social media or the Helm website.  
  • Members’ feedback may also be used for marketing purposes. Members may request an exemption by reaching out to the Helm Club team.

  1. Membership cancellation:
  • Members agree to give a full calendar months’ notice if they decide to terminate their membership with the Club.
  • Invoice Cycle: Invoices are issued on the 1st of every month.
  • Example: For instance, if a cancellation notice is received on 1st March, the cancellation will be effective from 1st April. Therefore, the invoice issued on 1st April will still be due.

Thank you for being a part of Helm Club!​