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Success stories

Rob Hamilton
The Instant Group/littleparmoor

“I’m happy sharing my experiences of a Warranty Claim after selling to Private Equity and particularly trying to help those exiting from avoiding this in future or at least reducing the damage if it happens to them!  I also like being involved in the Supper Club Investment club - trying to help earlier stage founders develop their businesses and raise money from exited founders too.”

Louise Dell
Founder, Kyero

"Membership of Helm has been invaluable for me both personally and professionally. The support from other members is incredible and I’m always blown away by how generous and open other business owners are with their time, advice and ideas.

My biggest learning has been that every business, no matter the size, industry or revenue, has the same fundamental issues and that every business owner can support and learn from each other. The ability to share in a confidential setting is critical for personal and business success."

Stuart Miles
Founder, Pocket-lint

"Becoming a Helm Forum chair has been a great experience. The role allows me to hear and learn from other founders, as well as working with the group to support and guide the forum members through complex situations, issues, or puzzles. It’s really rewarding to see many of the things I’ve learnt running my own businesses helping others."

Stephen Sacks
Founder, Funding Nav

"I have bought, sold and developed businesses throughout my career that have reflected my changing interests and opportunities that presented themselves. I started in fashion, building the Muubaa leather brand before going into furniture, then finance, founding Funding Nav and most recently property with the acquisition of Forward Thinking Lettings.

I have been a member of Helm for almost 20 years now and the learning and network that it has given me has been invaluable in helping me on my journey."