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Success stories

Olly Richards

"The Helm Forum has been a real education for me. I’ve always grown my business in an “online bubble”, but now I’m in the company of experienced founders from different backgrounds and with entirely different skillsets. This supports me through many growth-related challenges, from mindset and wellbeing, to investing, to creating management incentive schemes."

Julie Bishop
IT Naturally Ltd

"Joining Helm has given me a chance, as a new founder, to talk to like-minded people and learn from them. Helm has helped me get on the journey to becoming a BCorp, with advice from those who are already BCorps introducing me to a company guiding us through the process.  The support and inspiration from my fellow members is so helpful, I’m so pleased I was advised to join Helm.”

Rob Hamilton
The Instant Group/littleparmoor

“I’m happy sharing my experiences of a Warranty Claim after selling to Private Equity and particularly trying to help those exiting from avoiding this in future or at least reducing the damage if it happens to them!  I also like being involved in the Supper Club Investment club - trying to help the younger generation develop their businesses and raise money from exited founders too.”